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Omri Goren is a fashion and jewelry label


Omri Goren designs come from deep inspiration.

Goren is a designer and at the same time an academic and teacher. 


In 2013 he received his doctorate from the Sorbonne in Paris and currently

teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and the WIZO

Haifa Academy of Design. 

This duality strengthens his status and defines the nature of his work.


Goren wrote his doctorate on the question of the designer as a conduit 

between the woman who wears the clothes and and society.


He designs clothes that are connected to the body of the woman who wears them.

The designs are geared to allow the woman wearing them comfort along with luxury.


Goren graduated with high honors from the department of Jewelry and Fashion Design.  

He worked in Paris for several years as the head designer, heading a team of three assistants,

at a company which produced a line of evening wear.  


Goren returned to Israel after years in order to focus his attention on fashion and jewelry.

He personally imports fabrics at various price ranges from Europe.  


Goren designs and produces elements made out of porcelain and metal and sews them on to the

dresses and belts. He also uses vintage pearls, beads and other elements.


What guides Omri Goren in his work is the artistic and creative message that he wants to express. He believes that any woman who enters

his studio can be outfitted in a way that brings out the ‘unique’ in her.

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